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At GOPMEDIA, we are more than just an influencer marketing agency; we are a dedicated force in streamlining brand implementation across the Middle East. With a focus on ethical practices and innovation, we specialize in effective Influencers Relationship Management (IRM), connecting brands with the power of micro-influencers to create unparalleled marketing experiences in Dubai and beyond.


Empower Your Brand with UAE influencers

At the core of our mission as a influencer agency,  Dubai is the city where the recognition of the influential role that micro influencers play in today’s digital landscape. We understand that every brand has a unique story to tell, and our goal is to be the bridge that connects these brands with the right influencers who can authentically convey their message in Dubai and beyond ! 

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What We Do

GOP Media conducts ethical influencer marketing by following these principles

Influencer Selection

At GOPMEDIA, we help you identify the most relevant influencers, including Instagram Influencers, Snapchat Influencers, YouTube Influencers, Twitter Influencers, and TikTok Influencers, based on your product or service, as well as your target audience, ensuring optimal brand alignment.

Script Writing and Assistance

Our team assists in crafting compelling scripts that effectively convey your brand’s message, resonate with your audience, and engage a family of influencers across various social media campaigns, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Customized Content Creation

We specialize in creating and editing impactful influencer marketing content, be it videos or photos, tailored to your desired formats and platforms, including social media influencers in Dubai.

Discoverability in Dubai

Our expertise extends beyond influencer marketing to encompass social media marketing. With GOPMEDIA, breeze through elevated brand awareness and captivate audiences in the bustling heart of Dubai.

Influencer Marketing Agencies Dubai

Explore the pinnacle of influencer marketing in Dubai with GOPMEDIA. Our expertise extends to influencer agencies in Dubai, ensuring a comprehensive approach to building brand recognition and trust in this dynamic market.

Our Commitment to the Dubai Experience

Dubai’s allure is unparalleled, and at GOPMEDIA, our commitment is to elevate your brand in the thriving city. Whether through influencer marketing or social media strategies, we’re here to make your brand one of the most recognized in the dynamic landscape of Dubai.

Multi-Channel Influence

We enable your brand to reach audiences across various channels, expanding your reach and driving consistent brand exposure.

Return on Investment

Our services are designed to deliver a measurable return on your investment, ensuring that your influencer campaigns generate tangible results for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Dubai

Our Influencers

As a leading Influencers Marketing Agency in Dubai, We work with a diverse roster of influencers

Our hand-picked influencers, in partnership with our influencer agency in Dubai, span various domains, including cryptocurrency, sports, fashion, lifestyle, and more. By collaborating with these content creators and leveraging their authority and reach, your brand can amplify its message and excel in content marketing, connecting effectively with your target audience.




Cultural Relevance


Engaging Content


A Strong Community

GOPMEDIA offers a diverse array of influencers, each tailored to meet the unique needs of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. Our influencers span across various niches, ensuring a perfect match for your brand on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Innovative, ethical, and engaging, with a dash of Dubai glamour. GOPMEDIA’s voice is a blend of professional expertise and passionate advocacy for ethical influencer marketing. Their audience is brands looking to expand their reach through influencer marketing in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai. The style is informative, yet approachable, with a focus on the unique benefits of their service. To write in this style, keep the language professional but not overly formal. Highlight the ethical and innovative aspects of the brand’s approach to influencer marketing. Use specific examples of services offered (like influencer selection and script writing) to demonstrate expertise and build trust. Include calls to action that encourage readers to learn more about specific services. And always remember: you’re not just selling a service, you’re selling an ethical and effective approach to influencer marketing in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Unlike the distracting and ineffective practices prevalent in the industry, we prioritize authenticity and real impact. It’s a long-established fact that engagement and reach matter. Don’t be swayed by the allure of fake influencers with inflated numbers but zero connection with their audience.

Our clients

These brands trusted us !
Our influencer Dana Halabi with over 471 thousands followers on Instagram at @danahalabi


Aya | @aya.zeedan


Our influencer Evelyne Yontchev with over 270 thousands followers on Instagram at @e.ytc


Dubai influencer Dima | @dima.ibraheem




Our influencer Mathilde with over 166k followers on Instagram at @mathildarollergirl


Dubai influencer Melissa | @melsbenn


Our influencer Anissa with over 136K followers on Instagram at @anissa.eply


Our influencer Rahmah with over 107 thousands followers on Instagram at @ @the.rmj




Dubai influencer Maëva | @maevaa_dl


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Our influencer Emilie with over 17 thousands followers on Instagram at


Our influencers Lidia & Sandra with over 75k followers on Instagram at @gemeas.lisa


Natalie | @natalieeena




FAQ About Influencers marketing in Dubai

Here is the answers to the most frequently asked questions about influencer marketing in Dubai

An influencer marketing strategy in Dubai is essential for reaching a highly engaged and diverse audience, leveraging the influence of local influencers, and effectively promoting products or services in this competitive market.

A Dubai influencers marketing agency can assist businesses by identifying relevant influencers, devising tailored campaigns, managing collaborations, and providing valuable insights to maximize ROI and brand visibility.

Yes, several worldwide influencer marketing campaigns have achieved remarkable success. For instance, the “Nike’s Dream Crazy” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick received widespread attention and positive reviews for its impactful message. Similarly, the “Fenty Beauty” campaign by Rihanna revolutionized the beauty industry through influencer collaborations and diverse representation. These campaigns serve as excellent case studies for the effectiveness of influencer marketing on a global scale.

When choosing influencer agencies in the UAE, businesses should evaluate factors like the agency’s track record, expertise in the local market, influencer network, transparency, and the ability to align with the brand’s values and objectives.

Some of the notable influencers who have partnered with reputable influencer marketing agencies in Dubai include:

  • Huda Kattan
  • Mo Vlogs
  • Omar Borkan Al Gala
  • Noha Nabil
  • Anas Bukhash

Yes, there is a dedicated app for influencers in Dubai called “Grynow Dubai.” This app can benefit influencers by helping them manage collaborations, track performance metrics, connect with brands, and streamline content creation and publishing.

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