Boost your brand’s revenue with Instagram Subscriptions feature


Boost your brand's revenue with Instagram Subscriptions feature

Kicking off the year 2022 with a major revelation, Instagram unveiled a game-changing tool : the Instagram Subscriptions feature. This innovative tool empowers content creators to add a fresh dimension to their work, fostering the creation of exceptional content.

In the wake of the pandemic, creative individuals ranging from photographers and digital artists to influencers and performers have ingeniously adapted to the absence of live events and productions by exploring alternative avenues for monetization. Platforms like Cameo, Patreon, and OnlyFans have emerged as burgeoning social platforms, offering novel means for enthusiasts to financially support these talented content creators.

Subscriptions aren’t exactly breaking news. Content creators and influencers have long had the ability to monetize their newsletters and other content through platforms like Substack and Patreon. However, the game has just taken an intriguing turn as popular apps such as Instagram and TikTok are now rolling out the ability for users to offer subscriptions directly. This move is particularly enticing for creators who have already established a substantial audience on these platforms, churning out a constant stream of engaging content.

And guess what? The influencers’ go-to platform is now hopping on the Subscriptions bandwagon. So, what’s the deal? Fans can now sign up for a monthly subscription to access exclusive content from their favorite creators, right within the familiar confines of Instagram’s popular formats like Stories and Lives. And here’s the cool part: each subscriber gets a unique status, easily identifiable by content creators thanks to a distinctive purple badge.

Now, for a subtle nod to Dubai – imagine the vibrant city lights providing the perfect backdrop for creators to unveil their exclusive content. Dubai, the city of innovation and opulence, now playing host to a new wave of content creation through these dynamic subscription features.

What is Instagram subscriptions in a nutshell ?

Instagram Subscriptions is a new feature that allows creators to offer exclusive content and benefits to their most engaged followers. Creators can set a monthly price for their subscriptions, and subscribers will have access to exclusive posts, stories, reels, and lives, as well as subscriber-only highlights and social channels. Creators will also be able to see a subscriber badge next to comments and messages from their subscribers, so they can easily identify and interact with them.

Instagram Subscriptions feature is a great way for creators to build deeper connections with their fans and earn a recurring income. By offering exclusive content and benefits, creators can incentivize their fans to subscribe, which can lead to increased engagement and loyalty. The recurring income from subscriptions can also provide creators with a more stable and predictable source of income than other monetization methods, such as advertising or brand deals.

Here are some tips for using Instagram Subscriptions feature to build deeper connections with fans and earn a recurring income:

  • Offer exclusive content and benefits. What kind of content and benefits would your fans be most interested in? Think about what you can offer that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Promote your subscriptions. Let your fans know about your subscriptions and what they have to offer. You can do this through your posts, stories, and reels, as well as in your bio and link in bio.
  • Interact with your subscribers. Make sure to respond to comments and messages from your subscribers, and participate in subscriber-only chats and discussions. This will help you to build stronger relationships with your fans.
  • Be consistent. Publish new content to your subscriptions on a regular basis, so that your subscribers have something to look forward to.

If you’re a creator, I encourage you to consider using Instagram Subscriptions. It’s a great way to build deeper connections with your fans and earn a recurring income.

Is the subscription model a good fit for your brand ?

At GOPMEDIA, our stance as an influencer marketing and talent management agency is rooted in the belief that ‘Subscriptions’ marks a transformative leap forward. In this landscape, brands are no longer distant sponsors but active patrons, propelling content creators to unprecedented heights in their fields. The essence lies in elevating influencers’ creations, bestowing greater value upon their expertise, and affording them the means to thrive financially through their social media endeavors.

This shift moves away from transactional engagements, like paying for beauty tutorials. Now, brands are equipping creators with resources for consistent, high-quality content creation and fostering regular income through subscriptions.

Crucially, this reorientation places content creators as central figures and indispensable assets for brands. Cors notes how this feature provides creators with a direct avenue for earning on Instagram. It’s a shift from relying solely on brands for influencer marketing campaigns to creators independently monetizing their content.

This shift is particularly relevant in the UAE and the broader GCC region. Homebound users are engaging in record numbers in activities like renovations, driving unprecedented demand for the type of content that independent influencers excel at — think DIY tips, tricks, and online design courses. It not only showcases the relevance of independent content creation but also its pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape of the region.

How to use Fandom to generate more revenue for your Brans

‘Subscriptions’ isn’t just a tool; it’s a community builder. It strengthens the bond between content creators and their audience, fostering a more intimate connection. Offering exclusive content mirrors the excitement of a live gig, translating to any art form on Instagram and enhancing audience retention.

It goes beyond a community; it’s a fandom. People are willing to pay for their favorite creator’s content because they’re passionate and admire their work.

‘Subscriptions’ elevates the Instagram experience, creating a deep sense of belonging and authentic engagement.

Get ready for the next content creator’s revolution. This is your chance to be a key driver in this movement. As a brand, it’s time to discover your muses and put them in the spotlight, amplifying the magic of co-creation.

How to get the most out of Instagram subscriptions according to content creators

Fostering community engagement is easy with the Instagram Subscriptions feature Creator Playbook. This resource guides creators on sharing exclusive content across various formats, enhancing the connection with subscribers. The playbook offers valuable tips, including activating offers, to support subscriber growth and retention.

Targeted Tier Structures: Develop subscription tiers with specific benefits at each level, tailored to your audience segments. For instance, offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content for basic subscribers and personalized consultations or early access to products for premium subscribers. This tiered approach maximizes revenue by appealing to different customer preferences. – Elena Maverick, SocialStrategistPro

Content Funnel Strategy: Implement a strategic content funnel to convert followers into paying subscribers. Create engaging free content to attract a wide audience, then tease premium content within your subscriptions. Use Instagram Stories, IGTV previews, and regular posts to showcase the value of your exclusive content, enticing followers to subscribe for an enhanced experience. – Alex Sterling, InstaRevolutionConsult

Data-Driven Engagement: Leverage Instagram Insights and subscriber analytics to understand your audience’s preferences. Tailor your subscription content based on the type of posts that receive the most engagement. Use polls and Q&A features to directly involve subscribers in content decisions. The more you understand your audience, the better you can refine your content strategy for increased revenue. – Olivia Spark, RevenueRiseInfluencer

Expect ongoing investments in tools empowering creators to earn. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

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