GOPMEDIA Influencers in the UAE

Our influencer Dana Halabi with over 471 thousands followers on Instagram at @danahalabi
Dana |

Dana Halabi, a Syrian based in Dubai, originally studied Advertising and Social Media. She unintentionally became a social media star by sharing her outfit photos. Her love for inspiring women and offering styling tips led her to where she is today in the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencing in the Middle East. You can find her at @danahalabii

Amira |

Introducing Amira, our dazzling talent at GOPMEDIA Agency. Recognized as @amirallg, she embodies a rich blend of style and elegance, with a passion for fine jewellery and quality cosmetics. Eager to collaborate, Amira anticipates creating magic with you.

Our influencer Amira with over 198k followers on Instagram at @amirallg
Our influencer Rahmah with over 107 thousands followers on Instagram at @ @the.rmj
Rahmah |

Hello there! I’m @the.rmj, your go-to beauty enthusiast residing in the stunning United Arab Emirates. As the proud founder and heart behind @rmjxbeauty, anything related to beauty doesn’t just interest me – I absolutely adore it. Join my journey and let’s embrace beauty together!

Our influencer Mathilde with over 166k followers on Instagram at @mathildarollergirl
Mathilde |

Mathilde, the Roller Dance luminary and dedicated coach, is making waves in the world of skating. Her journey began early, and her passion for roller dancing has taken her to new heights. With her mesmerizing moves and expert guidance, she’s become a beacon for skaters seeking inspiration and skill enhancement. Connect with her on the rink at @mathildarollergirl

Dima |

Meet Dima Ibrahim, a GOPMEDIA influencer and holder of a degree in Business Administration & Marketing. You can find her on Instagram @dima.ibraheem. Dima brings a strategic edge to her content, combining business acumen with the flair of a social media influencer. Follow her for a unique blend of business insights and marketing expertise.

gopmedia influencer Dima Ibraheem with over 212K followers on Instagram at @dima.ibraheem
gopmedia influencer Melissa with over 143K followers on Instagram at @melsben
Melissa |

Meet Melissa, a prominent public figure making waves in the digital landscape. Discover her world on Instagram @melsbenn for insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into the life of a remarkable individual.

gopmedia influencer Aya Zidan with over 346K followers on Instagram at @aya.zeedan
Aya |

Meet Aya Zidan, the Syrian GOPMEDIA influencer, adding a touch of cultural charm to the digital sphere. Follow her adventures on Instagram @aya.zeedan for a unique blend of entrepreneurship and cultural flair.

Natalie |

Introducing Natalie S., your lifestyle influencer with 58.5K followers on Instagram. Follow her journey into the world of style and aesthetics in Dubai as she shares 555 posts that reflect her unique perspective on fashion, beauty, and the finer things in life. Join her on Instagram @natalieeena for a delightful exploration of the art of living well.

gopmedia influencer Natalie S with over 58.5K followers on Instagram at @natalieeena