The list of GOPMEDIA Influencers

Our influencer Anissa with over 136K followers on Instagram at @anissa.eply
Anissa |

Anissa stands as GOPMEDIA’s radiant beacon in fashion and streetwear. Radiating genuine vibrancy and zest for life, her devoted followers amplify her substantial engagement, ensuring impactful ROI for brands she collaborates with. You can find her at @anissa.eply

Anabel |

Anabel, 34, Brazilian mom in Toulouse with a 7-year-old gem. I adore French elegance and vibrant colours that echo my roots. Passionate about fashion, I trained with Cristinia Cordula as an image consultant. Loving my bustling life! find me at @anabel_mapr7

Our influencer Anabel with over 100k followers on Instagram at @anabel_mapr7
Our influencer Noemie with over 30 thousands followers on Instagram at @noemielecaoff
Noemie |

Noemie, 23, content creator, nurse, and Miss Corse 2020 finalist. Passionate about travel, makeup, skincare, and fashion. Deeply connected to my Corsican roots, each post reflects my explorative spirit. Join the journey at @noemielecaoff

Emilie |

I’m Emilie baby and I’m froim Nimes, Southern France, I’ve been a lifestyle blogger for 3 years on Instagram at and Tiktok. Fashion, decor, travel, and food lover. Also, a final year Master’s law student.

Our influencer Emilie with over 17 thousands followers on Instagram at
Our influencers Lidia & Sandra with over 75k followers on Instagram at @gemeas.lisa
Lidia & Sandra |

Twin sisters, Lidia & Sandra, 33. We adore fashion and cherish time with loved ones. Our Instagram radiates simplicity, positivity, our bond, travels, and lots of smiles at @gemeas.lisa

Margot |

I’m Margot a young mom from Rouen, sharing my life as if with close friends: fashion, travel, top spots, and motherhood. Notably, a successful author of two books. you can also find me on IG at @margot_mal

Our influencer Margot with over 101k followers on Instagram at @gmargot_mal
Our influencer Evelyne Yontchev with over 270 thousands followers on Instagram at @e.ytc
Evelyne |

Evelyne Yontchev, hailing from France and originally from Bulgaria, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influence. With her unique style and insights, she has captured the hearts of many, becoming a source of inspiration and style guidance. You can find her at @e.ytc

Maëva |

Introducing Maëva Delorme, your go-to digital creator in the realms of fashion and beauty. Catch her innovative content on Instagram @maevaa_dl for a delightful journey into the world of style and aesthetics.

gopmedia influencer Maëva Delorme with over 29.2K followers on Instagram at@maevaa_dl
gopmedia influencer Omeyma with over 50.6K followers on Instagram at @oome_yy
Omeyma |

Meet Omeyma, the epitome of elegance and creativity!  Follow her journey into the world of art and inspiration at @oome_yy. Immerse yourself in a blend of culture and individuality as Omeyma shares her unique perspective. Uncover the beauty of life through her lens, where every post tells a story.