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Hire UAE influencers

If you’re specifically looking to hire a UAE influencer, GOPMEDIA is a multi-service  influencer agency with a wide range of influencers in the region.

We know how to leverage content creators that shift Emirati culture to create successful marketing campaigns tailored for your brand.

Hire UAE influencers

Does influencer marketing work in the UAE ? and should you hire UAE influencers ?

Yes, influencer marketing works in the UAE. In fact, it is a growing trend, with brands increasingly recognizing the value of collaborating with influential personalities to reach their target audience.

The UAE has a large and active social media user base, with over 94% of the population using social media platforms. This makes it an ideal market for influencer marketing, as brands can tap into the trust and credibility that influencers have built up with their followers.

Influencer marketing can be effective in the UAE for a variety of goals, including, Increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to websites and social media pages, generating leads and sales, promoting new products and services, and of course building brand loyalty.


GOPMEDIA's UAE Influencer Marketing Services

GOPMEDIA's UAE Influencer Marketing Services

Content Creation

Micro-influencers use authentic content to connect with their audiences on a deeper level. They strive to be relatable and genuine, which helps them build trust and credibility. When brands partner with micro-influencers, they can leverage this trust to reach a highly engaged audience with authentic content. This can lead to a positive perception of the brand, product, or service.

Specifically, we ask:


Micro-influencers in the UAE possess an authentic following of individuals who rely on and trust their opinions. When engaging in partnerships with these influencers, you have the opportunity to harness their credibility and establish trust within your specific target audience. In the context of the United arabe emirates, leveraging micro-influencer marketing can yield significant impacts on building trust, a vital element for any brand or business. Thus, this aspect adds substantial value to your overall marketing strategy

Micro-influencers in the UAE
UAE-based influencers

Social Selling

Direct-response influencer marketing remains an untouched resource in the UAE.

We assist our clients in connecting with UAE-based influencers as affiliate partners who actively endorse their products or services through various social media channels.

Additionally, we design costume  campaigns that focus on highly specific demographics locally.

Our influencer Dana Halabi with over 471 thousands followers on Instagram at @danahalabi


Our influencer Rahmah with over 107 thousands followers on Instagram at @ @the.rmj




What Does Our UAE Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

GOPMEDIA is a an influencer marketing agency that connects brands with underutilized influencers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Our experienced social media strategists carefully manage each campaign to help you achieve your target KPIs and maximize ROI.

We work with businesses of all sizes in all industries, both in the UAE and internationally. We diligently track essential metrics such as visual appeal, topic authority, audience size, and audience engagement to ensure accurate measurement of campaign results.

More about us

GOPMEDIA is a leading social media agency that executes influencer campaigns for mobile apps, CPG and DTC brands, and enterprise clients across North Africa, the GCC region, Asia, and beyond. We seamlessly merge creativity with technical expertise to deliver scalable micro-influencer marketing campaigns that maximize ROI, all while maintaining a strong creative direction.

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries, both in the UAE and internationally. We diligently track essential metrics such as visual appeal, topic authority, audience size, and audience engagement to ensure accurate measurement of campaign results.

To achieve successful influencer marketing in the UAE, start by clearly defining your goals and target audience. Utilize social media platforms or dedicated influencer marketing tools to identify influencers relevant to your objectives. Evaluate the influencers' engagement rates to gauge the activity levels of their followers. Prioritize those who consistently produce authentic and relatable content, aligning with the interests of their audience. Importantly, remain attuned to the cultural and religious sensitivities prevalent in the UAE.

Whether to hire an Emirati influencer or a UAE resident influencer depends on your target audience and budget. Emirati influencers have a deep understanding of the UAE culture and market, and a strong connection with their followers. However, they may be more expensive to hire and have smaller followings. UAE resident influencers are more affordable and can reach a broader audience.

Popular niches for UAE influencers include fashion and beauty, food and travel, lifestyle, gaming and technology, and travel and tourism.